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I'm so proud to announce that I have won the Eileen Grey Award for Best Coach of the Year in Kingston upon Thames!

This award is a testament to my hard work and dedication to helping others achieve their goals. It's been an incredible journey and I'm so proud of all that I've accomplished.

      Welcome to

Are you looking to improve your freestyle wrestling technique, fitness, and strength? Look no further than Amir, an experienced wrestling coach with 11 years of training as a champion wrestler in Iran.  Amir Wrestling can help take your wrestling skills to the next level.

Amir is passionate about coaching and helping others reach their potential. With his experience and skills, he creates an enjoyable and beneficial environment for his students to learn and grow. Based in Kingston upon Thames, Amir is ready to become your coach today

In Amir Wrestling sessions, he will start by providing a brief overview of the rules and techniques involved in freestyle wrestling. He will then offer tips and drills to improve skills such as takedowns, escapes, and pins. Amir may also recommend watching instructional videos and studying the techniques of top wrestlers to gain a better understanding of the sport. Finally, he will encourage students to practice regularly and seek feedback from coaches and more experienced wrestlers to continue improving their skills.


If you're ready to take your freestyle wrestling skills to the next level, book a session with Amir today.

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